Protection in Four Dimensions

Led by a team of experts with distinct track records in top intelligence and security organizations as well as leading business executives, we provide full integrated business security solutions to mitigate and manage risks across all four dimensions: Human, Physical, Commercial, and Cyber.


Four Dimension offers high-end security services to address internal threats by employees, job applicants, contractors, and business associates that can damage a corporation’s reputation, assets, and bottom line.


Four Dimensions conducts an in-depth analysis of your situation and needs, and helps you implement cutting-edge and cost-effective technology and practices to replace security personnel and legacy systems.


Four Dimensions presents a core capability that combines top analysts, big-data technologies, human intelligence, and operational skills to confront hidden vulnerabilities and create a competitive edge.


We work closely with our clients to provide versatile proactive work plans with the latest innovative solutions from Israel and the world, and offer a portfolio of services that cover a wide array of cyber security needs.

The Numbers

Corporations today face a fast-growing array of threats from internal and external factors. To remain competitive and profitable, they need to acquire the ability to prevent and address them in real time throughout their diverse activities worldwide.


Billion USD on Workplace Crime in the US


UK Incidents of Work Violence 2016/17


Billion USD Annually on US Theft of Trade Secrets


Breaches Per Company Every Year

All Your Security Needs In One Place

Four Dimensions provides multidisciplinary business security solutions for international enterprises with a strong focus on protecting critical assets and supporting business goals.

Corporations face many critical junctions, from M&A procedures and geographical expansions to massive recruitment, opening new offices, and even transitioning certain positions to telecommute. Our business security experts define critical assets, identify threats, analyze vulnerabilities, and implement integrative solutions.
Four Dimension helps its clients mitigate damage during crises, such as an executive defecting to a competitor with critical assets, internal fraud, cyber-attacks, criminal activity, and more. Our team of experienced professionals know how to predict, prevent, prepare for, and manage crises through an innovative integrative approach and advanced technology.
As corporations expand to new markets, they face significant threats that come with operating in unexplored territories. Avoid critical mistakes in the decision-making process by relying on facts, in-depth analyses, and data from a team of analysts that know how to harness human intelligence capabilities and big data technologies to your advantage.
New regulations such as GDPR, are forced on corporations. Four Dimension offers integrated corporate security solutions with the goal of reducing your expenses while turning threats into opportunities. Our team works closely with you to analyze how your expenses can be used in order to reduce insurance premium rates and positively impact business performance.

Our Team

The Four Dimensions founding team represents a unique mix of operational experience and deep business know-how. During extensive careers in top organizations, they acquired specialized capabilities in Security, Operations, Intelligence, and Cyber. This priceless knowledge is being used today to tailor first-class protection suites to our clients.

Nitzan Pardess
Nitzan Pardess


Gadi Bahat
Gadi Bahat


Yuri Kogan
Yuri Kogan

EVP Commercial Intelligence

Ika Abravanel
Ika Abravanel

Head of the Advisory Board

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