Solutions in Four Dimensions

Corporate Resilience in Four Dimensions

Led by a unique team of business executives and security professionals with distinct track records in top intelligence organizations, we provide full integrated solutions to help corporations mitigate and control multi-dimensional threats.


Avoid Damage from Within

Identifying and stopping hidden threats requires an in-depth understanding of how people operate and why. Our Human Dimension team specializes in understanding what motivates people and identifying threats like corruption, fraud, theft, and other human weaknesses in internal and commercial affairs while discovering strengths and providing unique insights on how to run business negotiations, approach a new strategic client, and more.


Adjust to Future Threats

Our focus is on helping companies adopt cost-effective technologies in order to upgrade legacy systems and save labor costs. Instead of the old “fortress” defense, we promote “laser” surveillance that enables better protection with less physical appearance. Our creative and practical solutions are based on our clients’ relevant operational scenarios, and optimize their control of the weak points.


Protect & Grow Your Brand

A corporation’s growth involves taking risks. This introduces vulnerabilities that can damage the bottom line as well as the corporation’s reputation. Four Dimensions significantly mitigates this risk by providing critical insights required to identify threats and make informed business decisions on a global scale. We use advanced technologies and distinct expertise to reveal weak points in all four dimensions while complying with data privacy laws.


Stay One Step Ahead

We use the attacker’s perspective to identify and prioritize major threats and vulnerabilities, and protect the company’s critical assets. Using our “Pareto Proactive” solution, we conduct domain security assessment, detect adversaries inside the corporate domain, achieve accountability, and run forensic and internal investigations. Our SOC enables 24/7 control and immediate response to any cyber-attack and neutralizes personal management liabilities.

Synergy Between Four Dimensions

All four dimensions often overlap, and approaching them both separately and combined is crucial to an effective corporate immune system. Four Dimensions’ diverse team has the unparalleled capability to take a holistic view, break a complicated problem into small pieces, and provide the client with a simple and practical cross-dimensional solution.

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