Applications and Segments

Four Dimensions works with corporations in many industries around the globe to implement corporate immune systems that protect critical assets and mitigate risks. 

In a dynamic world of multidimensional real-time threats, most corporations are still using one-dimensional retroactive solutions, exposing their critical assets, increasing management liabilities, and negatively impacting profitability. By implementing state-of-the-art technologies and using “civilianized” operational practices, Four Dimensions enhances corporate capabilities, minimizes exposure, and creates a direct positive impact on business performance. We provide discreet solutions at the highest international standard, and support our clients at critical junctures and in times of crises, globalization, and implementation of new regulations.


Telecom companies suffer millions in losses due to theft of copper cables and vandalism of fiber-optic cables. Securing hundreds of kilometers of aboveground and underground cables is a complex challenge, and impossible using “silo” solutions as they don’t address all of the threats in real time: physical security along the infrastructure, fraudulent contractors, aggressive competitors, corrupt employees, cyber-attacks, and more. At Four Dimensions, we work closely with Telecom companies to create a four-dimensional solution for effective protection, real-time alerts, command & control center, and instant response. The result is efficient prevention and deterrence, and a reduction of 70% in losses within one year of implementing the Four Dimensions corporate immune system.


International retail chains are scattered across different locations, experience dynamic movement of customers, employ thousands of people (sometimes in temporary positions), and work with dozens of suppliers. Keeping track of all of the players presents a challenge, and retail chains suffer millions in losses due to shoplifting, employee theft, and supplier fraud. This loss is estimated at 1-5% of their annual gross profit. By mapping out the chain’s critical assets, threats, existing protection measures, and prioritizing each threat based on its urgency level, Four Dimensions is able to create a customized Corporate Immune System. Our solution combines innovative technologies, proven methodologies, and leading experts to ensure a fast and significant decline in losses.

Sports Clubs

Sports events attract billions of fans around the globe.  In such a high-exposure ambiance, sports clubs face a fast-growing array of threats from external and internal factors. In order to protect their most valuable asset, i.e. their brand, and avoid liabilities, top clubs invest significant resources trying to prevent and address these threats. Clubs use many conventional solutions like guards, fences, and cameras; however, a more comprehensive and real-time approach is needed in order to handle the threat-level that exists today. Moreover, by using unique commercial intelligence tools in such a competitive environment, clubs can acquire a sustainable advantage over other teams.


Hotels are a “home away from home”, hosting tourists, business travelers, events, and more. As such, hotels are dynamic organs, characterized by frequent changes and natural mobility of guests, staff, and contractors. These rapid changes make hotels a difficult entity to protect. Hotels face the significant challenge of creating a safe environment without compromising their services. This challenge is made even more difficult due to the growing threat of terror, disloyal employees, or lone-wolf attackers. Four Dimensions provides corporate immune systems that meet hotels’ specific needs. We identify and confront threats across all four dimensions.


Multinational corporations are scattered across multiple territories, constantly recruit new employees (including temporary positions), target companies for M&As, and suffer from decentralized and non-systematic protection. Four Dimensions systematizes and centralize the corporate immune systems in order to optimize the control of the uncertainty factors.

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